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Dancing Fish Productions is a Dallas, TX based animation and production house, established and run by husband and wife team, Justin and Fiona Hall, with over 25 combined years of experience in the film, TV, mobile and festival arenas.


Justin is a traditionally trained animator (North Wales School of Art & Design) who has spent the last 15+ years working in both 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics design, print graphic design, editing and teaching.


Like many kids, Justin was a Star Wars junkie from the moment his parents sat him down in a London cinema to watch Episode IV (because they couldn't get a babysitter and just figured he'd fall asleep - he didn't, instead he sat glued to the screen eyes and mouth wide open). After an injury shortened stint in the US Army, he headed to College to learn animation in the hopes of moving into the VFX industry. However, the traditional focus of the course, combined with the the release of Pixar's Toy Story, altered his direction towards character animation.


Justin's credits include: Tiny Planets (Sesame Workshops/Pepper's Ghost Productions)

The Illusionist (Pathe International/Django Films)

Monsters (Vertigo Films)

OOglies (BBC)

Bible App for Kids (One Hope/Life Church)


Fiona has held a variety of roles in her 15 year career in media industry, all of which stem from a desire to understand people and to make great work. This includes 3 years on an Oscar-nominated animation feature, International film festivals and her current project, a WWII documentary film.


Her interest in communication grew into a degree in Japanese and has led her to pursue a Masters in Cognitive Psychology.

Fiona is a former Director at WWCodeDFW which aims to change the demographic of women in technology fields. She is currently working with Behind Every Door as Director of Learning an Innovation, with a desire to encourage the love of learning and literacy.


She is from the North-East of England and Scotland, which is where her faith took root and where she gained her a love of the sea, creativity, and adventures.


Fiona's credits include: Goal! The Dream Begins (Milkshake Films)

C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia (1A Productions/BBC)

Songs of Praise (BBC)

The Illusionist (Pathe International/Django Films)


Currently Dancing Fish Productions is working on a number of projects ranging from a WWII documentary to a Sci-Fi web-series to motion-comics.


Although we are based in Dallas, we are more than happy to work with anyone, anywhere and already have a wealth of experience working with international clients, and in the UK in particular, as we were previously based in Edinburgh, Scotland

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