Born in the US, I grew up in the UK. I hold US Citizenship and British Residency. Currently I am living in Dallas,TX.

After high school I joined the US Army. Unfortunately injury ended that career prematurely. So I returned to the UK and chose to persue a new career in animation.

I trained in traditional animation at the North Wales School of Art & Design and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Animation.

Since graduating I have worked in a range of animation fields from games to TV, from corporate video to feature film.

Two childrens' TV series I have worked on - Tiny Planets and OOglies - have received BAFTA nominations. And feature film The Illusionist, was nominated for an oscar in 2011 and has won a number of other awards including the 2011 EFA for Best Animated Feature.

Alongside my character animation I have also worked in motion graphics for a number of years. I have produced titles and idents but most notably I freelanced for many years at Scottish Television producing broadcast graphics for their daily news programme, Scotland Today.

I have even worked in live action features, serving as an assistant editor on the multi award winning Monsters from Gareth Edwards and Vertigo Films.

I am married to Fiona (a Producer/Production Manager) and, with her assistance, I cloned myself. His name is Ethan.

Core Skills

3D character and non character animation
2D/3D motion graphics
2D clean-up and inbetweening
Video editing
Digital clean-up (wire removal), compositing and effects.

3D Animation Software: Max, Lightwave, Mach Studio Pro [Learning Maya]
2D Animation Software: After Effects, Flash
Other Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere

Notable Credits

DKLS (working title) - Strange Company (Machinima Feature)
Lead Animator

OOglies - BBC Scotland (Stop Motion Animated TV series)
Compositor & Effects Artist

The Illusionist - Pathé Int./Django Films (2D Animated Feature)
Assistant Animator

Monsters - Vertigo Films (Live Action Feature)
Assistant Editor

Scotland Today - Scottish Television (Broadcast Television News)
News Graphics Artist

Bloodspell - Strange Company (Machinima Feature)
Lead Animator

Tiny Planets - Sesame Workshops/Pepper's Ghost Productions (CG Animated TV series)
Revisions Animator


3D Studio Max for Videogame Production
Softimage Junior Animators
- Metro New Media, London, UK

BA Animation - North Wales School of Art & Design, Wrexham, UK

Download full resumé in .doc format

Some Favorites:

Ren & Stimpy, Happy Tree Friends, Robots, The Incredibles, The Tick, Coraline, South Park, Futurama, Archer

Animation Directors:
Jon K. Brad Bird, Friz Frelang, George Dunning, Bill Plymton, Paul Dutton

Grosse Point Blank, Monsters, Star Wars, Black Hawk Down, Black Dynamite, The Princess Bride

Video Games:
Half-Life, Team Fortress 2, Tony Hawk, Madden, Pro Evo Soccer, Llamatron

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mint Sauce, Captain America, Transmetropolitan

Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, Gorillaz, Abdominal, Grits, Kid Koala

I used to play basketball, rugby and compete in athletics all at amateur league level. I still try to play basketball when I can.

In sport I follow the San Antonio Spurs, the Tennessee Titans and Ipswich Town.

I love cheese, the stinkier the better.

I build my own workstations.

I once worked as cycle courier.

My favourite color is green.

I 've never killed anyone (that I know of).